VR Studio Partner for Academic and Industrial Research


Axel Drioli

Award winning spatial audio designer.

Ben Huss-Smickler

Award-winning Immersive Video and VR specialist.


Our Work

Imagine being part of a ground-breaking project that spans across continents, involving over 20 partners, and pushing the boundaries of technology. As the VR partner of this international consortium, we had the incredible opportunity to capture breath-taking environmental scenes, with stunning audio-visual sequences that will revolutionize the way we experience sound and vision.Over two years of hard work, we travelled to three different countries, tirelessly capturing the most advanced database of environmental footage ever assembled.Being a part of this project was not just about capturing stunning visuals; it was about changing the way we perceive sound and revolutionizing the way we experience technology.We're excited to see how our data will shape the future of hearing aids, headphones, and VR equipment.

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